"Be, Know, Do": The Essentials of Leadership

Outstanding leadership is key to any organization's success. But what makes a good leader?

January 23, 2023
11:00 am CET
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Thais Silvestre

Training Coordinator

Thaís Silvestre is a Strong People and Operations professional. Currently working as a Training Coordinator who supports and drives the rapidly changing and fast paced supply chain operations facilitating an industry 4.0 manufacturing and fulfillment plant . She knows how important a leadership experience is for long-term happiness and has invested her career in putting people in the correct position and encouraging them to grow. Thaís loves seeing people discover how powerful they can be. Sometimes they do not have a clue about what they can do best, and guide them through this process of matching their best personal and professional skills. Finding strategic solutions in the leadership field for the companies to help their employees develop their talents within the company.

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The best team leaders all have one thing in common: They put goals in place.

Being knowledgeable about their organization's mission and values, knowing how subordinates can contribute to meeting organizational goals and understanding what motivates each employee are key elements of being a good leader! 

This is not a skill that can be learned by reading books or watching videos. You cannot learn leadership from other people because everyone is different, but you can learn from experiences and mistakes.

But what does all of this look like? How do you know if you're a good leader? What does it mean for someone else? And how do you become one yourself?

What you'll learn in this talk:
✅ What a good leader needs to be, know & do
✅ How you can be an inspiration to your team
✅ How you can handle all the challenges in your way