Intro to AI for Business

Get a sneak peek at Growth Tribe's brand new course AI for Business! Our expert Mauricio will go through the highlights of the course and give you some exclusive tips and tricks on the AI landscape.

March 14, 2024
11:00 CET
Virtual event

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Alexis Martial

Outbound Ops Specialist

Alexis Martial is an Outbound Ops Specialist who helps B2B tech companies grow their pipeline using intent signals. He also shares actionable tips, tools, and tricks to prospect with AI

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🔍 Key Highlights:

🔍 Outbound Mastery:

Discover the essentials of effective outbound campaigns. Leverage Clay/BetterContact for comprehensive data enrichment, ensuring maximum coverage and streamline multi-channel automation.

💡 Demand Creation:

Unlock the secrets of creating demand with powerful tools. What to use for smart marketing automation, how to swift landing page builds, and how to make engaging webinars. Prioritize content effectively for SEO, and attract leads with interactive tools we’ll share with you.

📊 Tracking & Analytics:

Navigate the world of tracking and analytics effortlessly. Implement GTM for seamless code addition, gain insights into website visitors, and track usage beyond your website. Streamline data collection and stay GDPR compliant with tools for efficient cookie management.

⚙️ Operations Management:

Optimize your operations with a solid foundation. Choose the right CRM (budget-friendly), enjoy full autonomy over your website, and enhance efficiency for automation. Connect with your audience in real-time, gather valuable feedback and effortlessly document everything.

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  • Insider tips to educate your market.

  • Supercharge outbound strategy.

  • Keep CRM clean with actionable data.

  • Network with industry experts.

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Mauricio Bernardo da Silva

Lead Data Analytics Trainer

Mauricio has worked in analytical and training roles in big tech for 5+ years. He has worked in different industries, giving him a wide knowledge of processes and metrics, and how to most efficiently utilise data to reach business goals. At Growth Tribe, he helps individuals intuitively understand complex topics, and enhance their thinking and execution of data initiatives. He has a wide range of interests, which led him to study and work with music production (recording, mixing, radio), film (audio and production), marketing, corporate training and data science (coding and analytics). Between art and science, he found he could mix it all by becoming a trainer in technology and data science.

Do not miss this opportunity to get a glimpse of our new AI course. AI for Business!

With Mauricio we'll break down complex concepts into digestible insights, ensuring you leave with a solid foundation to navigate the AI realm.

Here's what we'll go through:

🧠 Understanding of the AI landscape
🎯 How to approach AI projects
🛠️ Some of the main tools and developments in AI
🚀 Get a glimpse at the AI for Business course
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Get an exclusive sneak peek into the future with a preview of cutting-edge advancements in AI for business. Explore real-world applications and case studies that showcase the tangible impact of AI on diverse industries.


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