Transforming SEO into Business Growth

Unlock the secrets to business success with SEO tactics that go beyond just numbers. Gain practical insights, and strategies and revolutionise your approach to SEO for tangible revenue growth. Don't miss out—reserve your spot now!

May 14, 2024
11 am CEST
Virtual event

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Tarek Reslan

Growth Marketing Expert & Trainer

Tarek is an experienced marketing strategist and speaker who trained over 1500 professionals on growth strategies across various industries. Fascinated by AI's potential in marketing, he is constantly exploring its applications. His strength is in crafting effective digital and growth marketing strategies. In his free time, he enjoys creating and sharing explainer videos on his YouTube channel.

Guest Speaker


Baptiste "Baba" Hausmann

Senior SEO Consultant

Baba, an SEO consultant with a rich 11-year background, excels in magnifying business growth and ROI through bespoke SEO solutions, particularly for sectors like SaaS, e-commerce, startups, and tech-centric companies. He champions SEO as a key driver of growth, adeptly showing its potent impact on boosting returns and generating superior leads. Engaging closely with leadership teams, Baba ensures that SEO is a game-changing component in digital strategies, focused squarely on accelerating business progress and financial outcomes.

Ever wondered why some businesses thrive while others struggle to make a mark?

It's time to uncover the top strategies behind successful SEO. Join us for an eye-opening webinar where the industry expert, Baptiste "Baba" Hausmann redefines the role of SEO in driving business growth.

What’s in Store for You:

🔍 SEO and Growth Tactics: Discover why SEO is more than just a numbers game. We'll delve into its impact on your business's overall growth strategy.

📊 Data-Driven Decision Making: Learn how to align your SEO tactics with overarching business objectives for maximum impact.

💡 Actionable Insights for Revenue Growth: Discover how each SEO move can directly influence revenue and fuel your business growth engine.

🌱 Integration for Success: Unlock the key to sustainable success by ensuring every SEO effort is in perfect harmony with your core business objectives.

Why Attend?

Whether you're a seasoned CMO, a decision-maker, a visionary head of growth, or an SEO professional, this webinar is your golden ticket to success.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to gain practical insights and unlock the true potential of SEO for your business growth.

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