How to transition to UX Design


Join us in our latest webinar, where we’ll explore the differences between the works of UX Designers and the visual concepts of UI and Graphic Designers.


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Stefan Daniels

Head of Learning Studios at Growth Tribe

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UX design is one of the most sought-after skills in today’s tech world.

The purpose of UX design is to design the overall experience of the user. On the other hand, a graphic designer focuses only on visual elements.

Browse some jobs boards, and you’ll likely see different roles that include the word “designer”. But which career in design are you actually looking for?

In this webinar, you’ll discover how the roles of UX Designers, UI Designers and graphic designers differ. You’ll learn how both roles function in high-growth companies, and what UX career opportunities are out there.

Whether you’re familiar with UX or a complete beginner, our UX expert, Stefan Daniels, will make sure that you learn something valuable. 

You can expect to:

✅ Learn about the differences between UX design, UI design and graphic design

✅ Discover how to pursue a career in UX design

✅ See real-life examples of UX design

✅ Find out what skills are needed to become a UX Designer


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